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  • Resilience

  • Tenacity​

  • Heart

Buy Byte Tyson (BOXG) on:

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Track On:

• Experience the world of crypto through a unique Mike Tyson themed approach.
• Earn rewards by actively participating in our community.
• Join us in the fight against financial centralization and be part of a revolutionary project . . . .

with our truly groundbreaking social media platform to be launched later this year!

This is not just a meme - it's our way of being!

Iron Mike Tyson will be 58 when he steps into the ring to fight 27 year old Jake Paul on Saturday, July 20, 2024.


We minted tokens in honor of Mike when he steps back in the ring. He is resilient, tenacious, and most of all, he has heart.

Be like Mike!

Contract Address: Hp8tTxy8BXfhwGvFmCkhCp6t2jbDD2Ujr2ZNLMmencK8  

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Get  In  The  Fight  -  Buy  A  Piece  Of  History

At 58 years old, the legendary "Iron" Mike Tyson will be taking on Jake Paul, a man just half his age.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer Paul (9-1, 6 KOs) has said recently he wants to focus on fighting real boxers to eventually compete for a world title.


Paul will fight long-retired Tyson (50-6, with 44 KOs). Paul said "It’s crazy to think that in my second pro fight, I went viral for knocking out Nate Robinson on Mike Tyson’s undercard. Now, less than four years later, I’m stepping up to face Tyson myself to see if I have what it takes to beat one of boxing’s most notorious fighters and biggest icons," in a statement released by Netflix and Most Valuable Promotions (MVP).


Tyson was quoted as saying "He's grown significantly as a boxer over the years, so it will be a lot of fun to see what the will and ambition of a ‘kid’ can do with the experience and aptitude of a GOAT," about the younger Paul.


Lets show our support for the GOAT, Mike Tyson by being a part of this historic event.


The fight will take place at AT&T Stadium, in Arlington, TX. It will be available for streaming on Netflix.

Road Map

  • Fair launch

  • Telegram marketing and AMAs

  • Twitter (X) marketing

  • Telegram Marketing


  •  Total Supply:  1.11 trillion tokens


  •  Zero tax

Launch 30%

Airdrops 10%

Staking 10%

Marketing wallet 20%

Team wallet 5%

Platform build wallet 15%

Partners and influencers 5%

Research/Community activity rewards 5%

This token is for entertainment purposes only! You could lose all of your money. Buying this token is not meant to be considered gambling or in any way waging a bet on the fight.


About Byte Tyson Coin

The Byte Tyson Coin is an all heart, tenacity, and determination inspired Meme Coin. The name Byte Tyson is intended to connect blockchain technology - one of the most powerful and liberating innovations ever - with one of the greatest names in sports.


The world of cryptocurrencies is no stranger to innovation and creativity, but the birth of Byte Tyson Coin represents a unique reason for developing a new meme coin.

The story of determination and fighting against the odds, no matter the age, shows courage and most of all, heart. This coin wasn’t just created to honor one of the greatest fighters ever, but it was meant as a token for anyone who felt disrespected and who wanted to put the naysayers in their place.This whitepaper outlines the fundamental principles and features of Byte Tyson Coin, including its tokenomics, distribution plan, and the essential elements that make it stand out among the countless other cryptocurrencies in the market. As we embark on this exciting journey, we invite you to join us and discover the extraordinary possibilities that innovation can bring to the world of meme coins, sports, and the broader cryptocurrency market.


Total Supply: TBD. Initial token distribution: TBD. Founder and marketing: TBD. Key Features: No taxes on transactions. Community driven.


Byte Tyson Coin is an SPL token built on the Solana blockchain. The smart contract ensures nearly free (compared to ERC-20 token transactions) secure, transparent, and efficient transactions without the need for a central authority.


(Community driven) Byte Tyson Coin Roadmap: A Community-Driven Journey, Byte Tyson Coin embraces a powerful approach to our development and future direction: a community-driven roadmap. Byte Tyson Coin focuses on the creativity and diverse insights of our community, comprising sports enthusiasts, collectors, and people who think BIG.

This approach ensures our roadmap is adaptable and also highly responsive to the ever-changing landscape of digital culture. Why community driven?Flexibility: The sports and entertainment world is dynamic, with trends and interests evolving at a rapid pace. A community driven roadmap allows us to pivot quickly, embracing new opportunities that align with our collective vision.


Inclusivity: By involving the community in our decision-making process, we ensure that Byte Tyson Coin reflects the genuine interests and passions of the community it serves. This inclusivity fosters a deeper sense of ownership and engagement among all holders.


Innovation: The collective wisdom and creativity of our community are endless sources of innovation. This enables us to tap into a wide range of ideas and perspectives, rocketing Byte Tyson Coin towards uncharted territories with confidence. Byte Tyson Coin is set to achieve exceptional milestones (see Roadmap below) and the launch of pioneering initiatives still under planning and development. This is truly a coin you want to hold for a long time.


Byte Tyson Coin aims to establish itself as a leading meme coin with a unique identity and a strong focus on simplicity, fairness, and community engagement. By prioritizing decentralization, fairness, and community, Byte Tyson Coin aspires to create an inclusive ecosystem that enables sustainable growth, innovation, and long-term value for its holders.


It’s The Byte Tyson Big Giveaway.


The contests for eligible holders of BOXG (c.a. Hp8tTxy8BXfhwGvFmCkhCp6t2jbDD2Ujr2ZNLMmencK8 ) is as follows:

Weekly contest:

The winner will receive $100 USDT and 30 million BOXG tokens (one drawing per week)
Another winner will receive 50 million BOXG tokens (one drawing on the 30th of June, July, August, and September, 2024)

Big Giveaway Contest

The following grand prize, second place prize, and third place prize drawings will all be held on Saturday, October 19, 2024

Grand prize

One lucky winner will win two tickets to the Mike Tyson v. Jake Paul fight + $500 USDT + 100 million BOXG 

Second place prize

Two lucky winners will each win an airdrop worth 100 million Byte Tyson tokens (BOXG).

Third place prize

Two lucky winners will win a one year Amazon Prime membership.

Booster Prize

All five lucky winners (grand prize, second place, and third place prize winners) will be entered to win.
The prize: Three years of revenue sharing. Byte Tyson will share revenue generated from its social media platform for 3 years. Minimum guarantee payable to winner: $1,000.00 per month X 36.


To be eligible, you must have purchased BOXG after June 9, 2024.
You must own and hold at least $50 of BOXG at the time of each drawing that you want to participate in.
Once you have at least $50 (or $100 or $250) of BOXG in your wallet, you will AUTOMATICALLY be entered into the drawing EVERY WEEK. We encourage that you buy and hold. Once you purchase at least $50 BOXG, email us the hash transaction from (send the transaction to ).
The number of entries are based on the following scale:
You own $50 BOXG = 1 entry
You own $100 BOXG = 3 entries
You own $250 BOXG = 7 entries


Boost your chances of winning by having three of your contacts purchase BOXG. For every three contacts of yours that purchase, Byte Tyson will double your entries.
Just reach out to your closest friends, family members, or work associates. Have any three of them each purchase at least $50 in BOXG. Then send us their email address. Send it to 
Once they purchase their BOXG tokens, have your three contacts email us the hash transaction from (they should send their proof to ).
We will automatically credit you and double your entries. The same rules apply to your contacts who enter, so be sure they know to hold their BOXG for as long as they want a chance to win.

Where to buy your Byte Tyson ( BOXG ):

Purchase of Byte Tyson ( BOXG ) within the USA  should be made only through at:
Purchase of Byte Tyson ( BOXG ) outside of the USA should be made through or at:


Terms and Conditions

1. Enter as often as you like.
2. A minimum of at least 1,000 purchases per month, and a minimum of 100 new buyers per month, is required to continue and guarantee giveaway.
3. If minimums are not met, then giveaway will be temporarily suspended until such time as minimums are achieved.
4. $100 in USDT will be given away every week. Weekly drawing will be held on every Saturday through and including Saturday, October 12, 2024.
5. The Big Drawing will be held on Saturday, October 19, 2024.
6. The first $100 USDT weekly drawing will be held on Saturday, June 30, 2024.
7. Omni Industries and the Byte Tyson Coin project have the right to cancel if minimum requirements are not achieved.
8. To participate in the final drawing, all BOXG purchasers must hold their BOXG tokens through November 15, 2024.
9. Participants must email the link to their transaction hash.
10. In the event the Mike Tyson v. Jake Paul fight is canceled  the winner will still receive the $500 USDT.
11. Prizes, drawings, and terms and conditions are subject to applicable international, country, and local law.
12. All weekly and grand prize drawings will be held by 5:00 pm EST on the date announced.
13. To qualify for each drawing, your Byte Tyson tokens (BOXG) must remain in your wallet. Your BOXG automatically qualifies you to participate in each future drawing. You do not need to make a purchase for each drawing. You only need to hold all of your Byte Tyson tokens (BOXG) once you purchase them through November 15, 2024 to be automatically entered in every weekly and grand prize drawing.
14. All participants are automatically entered into the final drawing for fight tickets.
15. Byte Tyson management reserves the right to change any or all terms and conditions at any time, for any reason.


This should not be considered investment advice. Do conduct your own due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decision.
Remember, cryptocurrency is an investment and like all investments, has risks. You could lose part or all of your investment.
This token is for entertainment purposes only! Buying this token is not meant to be considered gambling or in any way waging a bet on the fight.

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